It is so nice to see the community rally together both in good times and in difficult times.  This is prevalent in our small community located in the center of Lewis County.  Through teachings at home and in school, our students continue to support each other on a daily basis.  It’s the unwritten curriculum at Lowville Academy.  There’s not a test score or a performance level tied to it . . . you just know it when you see it.
On a broad spectrum, the outpouring of support for our student athletes has been a constant for many years.  We’ve been fortunate to put together many successful teams that have brought home league titles, Sectional championships and individual competitors who have garnered State titles.  Those are the easy ones to rally behind as a community, but we’ve also been as supportive when wins were not so plentiful . . . we cheer because we are Raiders!
When individuals or families have been stricken with illness, loss of home, or loss of a loved one we have been and will be there.  Our students, your children, are always asking, “What can I do?”  “What can we do?”  They’ve offered help at benefit dinners, organized food and clothing drives, and continue to give money without hesitation. 
Why do they do this?  They do this because this is what they’ve learned through your gracious gestures and acts of kindness.
As we enter the holiday season, I pause to reflect on what a special place Lowville is to all of us.
Happy Holidays,

Brian E. Finn
High School Principal

Principal's Message
Welcome to the
Lowville High School
High School Events
7668 North State Street
Lowville, NY  13367
High School News
Mr. Brian Finn
Assistant Principal:
Mr. Brian Hanselman
Related Files
LACS Distinguished Senior Portfolios
Selected For Class Of 2017
The LACS Portfolio Committee would like to congratulate several members of the Class of 2017 for achieving a
Distinguished rating on their Career Portfolios.

These seniors scored between 33 and 36 points out of a possible 36 points.  Their portfolios included items such as
resume, references, career plan, career research project, and examples of academic work, community service, and
extracurricular activities.  The portfolios are created electronically using Google Sites.  The students will be recognized
at a special breakfast in May and at graduation.  A job well done!!


(In memory of Marcia Dean)

ALL MONTH: Classes labeled in French, Spanish and Latin
D. Trick banner on display
International flags displayed in Foreign Language hallways
Posters with foreign language and culture trivia in hallways

3/6-3/10 Foreign language speakers on High School announcements Lunch
menu will have an “international flavor”
QR code activity found in hallways
TVs in Cafeteria and Gym Lobby showing videos related to foreign
languages and foreign cultures

Thursday 3/9 Upper level students in Spanish IV and V (and possibly III) will speak
Spanish all day in all classes (They’ll wear pins and teachers will have a
list of their names)

Friday 3/10 Coffee, scones, and croissants for all staff in the cafeteria sponsored
by Music Dept. and Foreign Language Dept.
Button, pin, sticker, slogan, t-shirt and bracelet day

Monday 3/13 Exchange students talk to Foreign Language classes in the LGI

3/13-3/17 Foreign language speakers on Middle School announcements

Thu.  Mar 16th International Smorgasbord- students need to bring a dish to pass,
serving utensils, and a willingness to try new foods.
(5:30 - 6:30)   Sangria and paella will be provided.

Sat, Mar 18th (2-6 pm) “America the Melting Pot” Cultural Fair - LACS

Fri, Mar 31st Latin Dance lessons for all foreign language students

Spring Sport Sign-Ups

Spring Sport Sign-Ups will begin February 6, 2017.  Sports available for boys in the spring include: Baseball (varsity,
JV, and modified), Lacrosse (varsity, JV, and modified), Golf, and Tennis.  Sports available for girls in the spring are:
Softball (varsity, JV, and modified), Track (varsity and modified) and Golf.

New York State requires a health update be completed within 30 days of the start of each sport season.  Athletes will
need to pick up a Health Update form to be completed (front and back) and signed by a parent/guardian.  These forms
should be returned to the health office no later than March 3, as practice begins March 6 for varsity and JV athletes,
and March 20 for modified athletes.  These forms are also available on the school’s website (Health Office Forms).

Only students with up to date physicals will be allowed to begin practice - the sooner you turn in your health update
form, the sooner you will know if your physical is up to date.  Both of the school’s doctors will be here multiple times
for physicals before the spring sports start.  Please contact the health office at (315) 376-9007 if you’d like to clarify
your student’s physical examination status.

Lowville Academy Art Students Compete in Scholastic Art Awards

Each year, students in grades 7-12 from Central and Northern New York are eligible to participate
in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. The mission of the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards is
too “identify students with exceptional artistic and literary talent and present their remarkable work
to the world.” Through the awards, students receive opportunities for recognition, exhibition,
publication, and scholarships. This is a highly competitive show with approximately just 20% of
entries chosen for the exhibit. There were close to 5,200 entries this year while only 1,659 pieces
got awarded. Our Middle and High School art programs were well represented this year with major
award winners in several categories.

High School Gold Key Award winners include Vanessa Foulke, grade 12, three golds for three
separate categories including Drawing and Illustration, Photography, and Painting; Aleah Young,
grade 12, in Painting; Zachary Heise, grade 10, in Drawing and Illustration, and Hattie Steele,
grade 10, in Drawing and Illustration.

Silver Key Award winners include 12th grade students Vanessa Foulke for her Art Portfolio entitled
“Individuality”, as well as three additional entries, and Grace Metzler, who received two Silver Key
Awards in the Painting and Drawing/Illustration categories.  10th grade students Brittany Beyer,
Elizabeth Mallette, Janelle Valentine, and Maria Young also received Silver Key Awards for
individual pieces.

Students who received Honorable Mention include 12th grade students Brianna Berrus, William
Beyer, Vanessa Foulke, Grace Metzler, and Aleah Young, and 10th grade students Craig
Brooke, Austin Goodheart, Zachary Heise, Anna Metzler, and Martha Roes.

Middle School student Meredith Lovenduski, grade 7, received a Gold Key Award, while Jenna
Freeman, Kiley Zicari, and Colden Pike received Silver Key Awards. Additionally, several more
7th grade students received Honorable Mention, including Olivia Baker, Erica Coffin, Faith
Froehlich, and Madison Houppert.

The student art exhibit is on display at Onondaga Community College in the Whitney Applied
Technology Building. The show is open to the public and runs through March 3, 2017.
Congratulations to all of this year’s participants and winners!

2016-17 Yearbook

Purchase your 2017 Lowacadian today by going onto HYPERLINK "" If you order online before
February 27 the pre-order price is $46.00.  Personalization can ONLY be done online. There will be a very
limited number of yearbooks available for purchase for $48 in May.  Your student will be given a flier with all
of this information as a reminder.  If you have questions, feel free to contact Mrs. Victoria Myers at

LACS High School
2nd Quarter Honor Roll Information

Lowville Academy high school students did very well during the second academic quarter as 230 students
made one of the school’s honor rolls. 
HIGH HONOR ROLL (95 - 100)

Grade 9:  Chad Bach, Chloe Beehm, Alyssa Brower, Sydney Brown, Aaron Coffin, Hailey Flanagan,
Marlee Fowler, Hannah Freeman, Nicole Freeman, Matthew Garrison, Mia Green, Charlotte
Hammock, Abigail Kaban, Jonathan Lehmann, Briona Mahoney, Matthew McIntosh, Kirstin
Moshier, Cooper Myers, Cassandra Neddo, Rachel Van Buren, Elizabeth Western, Anna Wood,
Sara Wood and Caitlynn Woodward

Grade 10:  Aliegha Allen, May Buckingham, Joel Cavanagh, Jeremy Dening, Brianna Finn, Sarah
Haggett, Alyssa Hamburg, Emma Hellinger, Jordynn Hellinger, Sarah Hurley, Maryam Kirch, Emily
Kogut, Shayna Laribee, Madeline Lehman, Emily Lyndaker, Daniel Mayer, Leanna McDonald, Anna
Metzler, Kaylee Nortz, Madison Nortz, Melissa Nortz, Jenna Ortlieb, Ryan Reed, Abigail
Rockwood, Martha Roes, Tess Smith, Caroline St. Croix, Hattie Steele, MaKenna Thisse, Alex
Thomas, Brett Tiffany, Janelle Valentine, Hudson White, Jessica Willis and Bailey Zicari

Grade 11:  Hannah Bonbrest, Audrey Clements, Kaitlynn Coates, Kyra Hardy, Sierra Laribee,
Michael Peebles, Mckenna Souva, Jennifer Steele and Storm Turck

Grade 12: Alexis Bach,  William Beyer, Alison Cecconi, Vanessa Foulke, Caden Laribee, Anna
Lyndaker, McKailey Lyndaker, Sarah Lyndaker, Jared Malone, Caleb Mayer, Cory Mellnitz, Grace
Metzler, Olivia Moyer, Chelsea Munger, Hannah Rockwood, Evan Rubenzahl, Michaela Thomas
and Tyler Widrick

HONOR ROLL (90 - 94)

Grade 9:   Morgan Aubel, Ariana Beller, Jared Beyer, Lakeisha Caballero, Elizabeth Compo,
George Cornell II, Nicholas Franchini, Gabriella Frappier, Bryanna Hoppel, Caleb Judd, Abygayl
Lee, Danielle Lehman, Isaac Lyndaker, Hannah Martin, Peyton Myers, Romeyn Noftsier, Devin
Runner and Courtney Schneider

Grade 10:  Masie Allen, Jordan Bergen, Madison Bodle, Cierra Cannan, Brooke Craig, Leslie
Damuth, Gabrielle Hanno, Madison Hellinger, Ashton Houppert, Jared Houppert, Elizabeth
LaClaire, Chase Lyndaker, Elizabeth Mallette, Emilee Muncy, Gabriel Rivers, Hanna Sellick, Erin
Shelton, Noah Stoddard, Kaylee Tabolt, Sophia Virkler, Casey Woods and Cory Woodward

Grade 11:  Lydia Beyer, Angelina Burgy, Gianna Carbonaro, Haley Dekin, Jacob Duncan, Taylor
Haggerty, Mackenzie Judd, Matthew Lehman, Fabian Patzer, Tyler Rook, Wyatt Scoville, Madison
Smith, Brittany Snyder, Joshua Sponaugle, Lauryn Tabolt, Athena Thomas, Danielle Thomas,
Rebekah Widrick, Eli Wood, Collin Zehr and Zachary Zubrzycki

Grade 12:  Daniel Bates, Brianna Berrus, Caleb Bonbrest, Hunter Hardy, Trevor Lehman, Ella
Malone, Elyse Merrell, Cassandra Rapave, Rebecca Snyder, Joshua West, Bryce Woolschlager,
Andre Young and Kalani Zehr

MERIT ROLL (85 - 89)

Grade 9:  Gabriel Brown, Katie Cecconi, Gavin Cherry, Joshua Dennee, Ashley Eves, Alisha Hardy,
Kendyl Hardy, Nicholas Houppert, Damon Krop, Colin McManus, Connor Nicol, Alyssa O’Connor,
Jared Ortlieb, Brandon Phelps and Dylan Shaw

Grade 10Dameon Barley, Brittany Beyer, Alexander Caterham, Dillon Christman, Austin
Goodheart, Zachary Heise, Joshua Myers, Jack Samsa and Melika Zehr

Grade 11Jacen Baldwin, Keitha Brown, Haley Cole, Rachel Curry, Margaret Fayle, Makayla
Franks, Aksel Halvorsen, Elana Hoppel, Francesco Lopez, Ivory Mathieu, Teryn McClelland,
Dawson Mead, Brent Millard, Creigh Myers, Brandon Prusinowski, Cassandra Rhubart, Isaiah
Roes, Ryan Sauer, Brenden Sawler, Richard Sullivan, Haliegh Szablewski, Andrew Turck, Paige
Ward and Noah Watson

Grade 12:  Taylor Allen, Selena Beller, Kaleb Brouty, Trevor Brouty, Clarence Case, Lillian
Christman, Caleb Clintsman, Shiloah Denney, Desiree Ebersol, Morgan Giver, Devin Heise, Olivia
Houppert, Joshua Lehman, Jordon Mack, Valerie Miller, Nathan Morris, Cameron O’Connor,
Shawn Pridell, Luke Rubar, Adam Schaab, Isaac Tanis and Madison Wallack

Winter Athletic Teams/Individuals Recognized
For Academic Excellence

New York State Public High School Athletic Association continues to recognize student athletes for their
performance both in the classroom and on the field.
There are two types of awards, the Team Scholar-Athlete Award and the Individual Scholar-Athlete Award. 
Teams where 75% of their roster have a GPA of 90% or above will be awarded the Team Scholar-Athlete
Award.  Individuals on all other sport teams who have a GPA of 90% or above are awarded the Individual
Scholar-Athlete Award.  These awards are a nice recognition for their commitment to success.
Congratulations to the coaches, student-athletes, and their parents for this outstanding accomplishment. 


VARSITY GIRLS BASKETBALL - Coach:  Mrs. Bach - Team Average:  97.68%
Alexis Bach, Sydney Brown, Margaret Fayle, Caroline St. Croix, Anna Wood, Sara Wood and Bailey Zicari

VARSITY BOYS BASKETBALL - Coach:  Mr. Shambo - Team Average:  94.46%
Chad Bach, Caleb Bonbrest, Wyatt Scoville, Alex Thomas, Brett Tiffany, Hudson White, Eli Wood and Kalani

VARSITY GIRLS SKIING - Coach:  Mr. Macaulay - Team Average:  97.50%
May Buckingham, Angelina Burgy, Sierra Laribee, Emily Lyndaker, Elyse Merrell, MaKenna Thisse, Michaela
Thomas and Rachel Van Buren

VARSITY BOYS SKIING - Coach:  Mr. Macaulay - Team Average:  93.68%
Caleb Judd and Andre Young

VARSITY BOYS WRESTLING - Coach Mr. Tabolt - Team Average:  92.08%
Jared Beyer, Caleb Mayer, Daniel Mayer, Devin Runner, Tyler Widrick and Cory Woodward

VARSITY BOYS SWIMMING/DIVING - Coach:  Mr. Marks - Team Average:  90.95%
Matthew Garrison, Caden Laribee, Francesco Lopez, Michael Peebles, Gabe Rivers and Solomon Rosner

VARSITY GIRLS VOLLEYBALL - Coach:  Mr. Rhodes - Team Average:  90.17%
Brianna Berrus, Maria Hernandez, Elana Hoppel, McKailey Lyndaker, Teryn McClelland and Lauryn Tabolt

Elizabeth LaClaire and Erin Shelton

Enter to Learn... Go Forth To Serve
Lowville Academy
and Central School