Principal's Message
Welcome to the
Lowville Middle School
What a fantastic school year! Thank
you parents for supporting our efforts
and partnering with us in your child’s
education.  It takes a team effort to
help students find success in middle
school, and your support and
cooperation has been appreciated.

As we head toward the end of the
2018-2019 school year, here are a
few items of interest to finish out the
The Middle School Summer
School Program will begin
Monday, July 1.  Students
completing grades 5 & 6
attend during Block 1
(Monday, July 1 - Monday,
July 22).  There will be no
summer school on Thursday,
July 4th or Friday, July 5th
Typically, each summer school
block is 15 days in duration. 
Because block 1 is only 14 days
this year, we have adjusted some
of the times of classes for block
July 1-3 8:35-12:08
July 8-19 8:35-11:40
July 22 8:35-12:08
Students completing grades 7
& 8 attend during Block 2
(Tuesday, July 23 - Monday,
August 12). Block 2 will be 15
days in duration and will meet
Monday through Friday from
8:40 a.m. to 11:40 a.m. 
We are offering courses in each
of the core areas for students
who have not been able to meet
academic expectations during
the regular school year. These
courses will not only focus on
remediating the skills students
need, but will also focus on
preparing students for next year’s
curriculum.  In addition to our
remedial program, we will
continue to offer a specialized
literacy program to middle school
students.  We also offer Health
for outgoing 8th grade students
who want to get a head start on
high school coursework.
We will be utilizing the FamilyID
online program for families to
register their children for our
Middle School Summer
School Program. Directions for
FamilyID will be mailed home to
any student recommended for
summer school. 
8th grade students who are
planning to register for Health
will need to submit a paper
application as that is a high
school course.  Summer School
applications for Health are
available in the middle school
Please keep in mind that any
student who fails a course is
strongly encouraged to attend
summer school and students
that fail more than one course
are required to attend summer
Please contact the middle school
office if you have any questions
or concerns regarding our
Summer School Program.
Middle School students will take
final exams in June.  Please
encourage your child to study
for each final exam as the
exams count 20% of the final
average in each course. 
Each grade level will have an end-
of-the-year awards ceremony and
picnic, to be arranged by the
grade level team.  Information and
plans for these events will be
sent home with your children.
Eligible students will attend
the end-of-year trip to the
Enchanted Forest Water Safari
on Monday, June 24.  This is a
regular school day, so students
who choose not to attend the trip
and students who are not eligible
for the trip will be staying back at
school.  Parents will be
required to submit a valid
excuse for students who are
not in attendance on June 24.
All Middle School students will
attend the 8th Grade Moving Up
Day Ceremony.  It is scheduled
for Friday, June 21 at 9:00 a.m.
in the auditorium.
I hope that you have a wonderful
summer and get the opportunity to
enjoy some quality family time over
the summer months.  I look forward
to working with you again as we
begin the 2019-2020 school year in

Scott D. Exford
Middle School Events
Principal: Mr. Scott Exford
7668 North State Street
Lowville, NY  13367
MIddle School News
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From the Counselor’s Desk...

May and June not only mean that we are approaching the end of the school year, but also remind us that final exams are just around the corner.  Please remind your child that their score is 1/5 of their final grade in each class so it is very important to review the information they have learned this year.  To help your child prepare for these tests, ask them to bring home the review sheets from each class so you can help them study at home.  Have your child write everything they know about a topic (date, person, events) on the front and back of a 3”x 5” index card and use that as a resource when they study.  On the day of each test, remind your child to think positively, read the directions carefully, do the questions they know first and skip the ones they are unsure of.  This strategy helps students build confidence, additionally they may find the answers later in the test.  Remind them to go back and answer the questions skipped!  Also, encourage students to look over the test before handing it in to be sure they didn’t miss anything.

As the school year winds down, we are also taking steps to help our 5th grade students transition to Middle School.  The following 6th grade students shared their experience this year with the 5th grade students - Landon Brennan, Ava Burns, Carlee Davis, Leona Gohlert, Henry Goss, Lilly Lacey, Dudley Rombough, Lucas Suiter, and Abrianna Turck.  They did a wonderful job presenting, answering questions and giving the students some wonderful advice! 

The 5th grade students also visited the 6th grade wing of the building.  They were able to meet most of their teachers, visit the 6th grade classrooms, and learn what it is like to have only 3 minutes between classes. 

Students entering 6th and 9th grade next year, along with their parents, will be invited to an Orientation at the end of August.  There will be a brief review of what to expect at each of the grade levels and students will also receive their schedules and locker combinations at this time.

Please have a safe and restful summer!

Mrs. Tiffany

Students-Of-The Month Recognized

Lowville Middle School is proud to announce the recipients of the Students-of-the-Month Awards for April.  Grade 6:  Ariana Thomas, daughter of Ms. Rebekah Thomas; Grade 7:  Rubi Zabielowicz, daughter of Robin Wendell-Zabielowicz & Marcin Zabielowicz; Grade 8:  Rose Maine, daughter of Kevin & Sandra Maine.

Walk for Health

Students in grades 1-8 will participate in the annual Walk for Health on Friday, June 14.  The route begins and ends on the turf field.  This annual event kicks off a summer initiative of walking and fitness.  Parents are invited to participate in the Walk for Health.  More details will be sent home about this event.

High Honor Roll
   “Honors Dinner” Held

A recognition dinner was held on Wednesday, May 15 to congratulate students who achieved High Honor status on their report cards through the first three quarters of the 2018-2019 school year.  We are pleased to congratulate the following middle school students on this honor:

Grade 6 - Class of 2025
Landon Brennan, Ava Burns, Henry Goss, Ethan Higby, Anna King, Lilly Lacey, Maya Laribee, Brenna Law, Katherine Macaulay, Skylar Manning, Peyton Matuszczak, Thomas McCue, Saige McIntosh, Tai Nortz, Charlee Pike, Simeon Rush, Zoe Shinnick, Lucas Suiter, Ariana Thomas, Brian Thomas, Abrianna Turck, Jenna Weiler

Grade 7 - Class of 2024
Katelynn Baker, Anna Dening, Carli Freeman, Annabella LaPuma, Emilie Lehmann, Connor McCormick, Haylee Munger, Jerika Myers, Sarah Peebles, Catherine Peer, Jack Rowsam, Jakayla Spence

Grade 8 - Class of 2023
Abigael Beagle, Delaney Bergen, Kaylee Bice, Brody Brown, Collyn Bush, Jayden Cantrell, Peyton Cole, Michael Crouse, Alex Dunckel, Anna Exford, David Fayle, Samuel Gillette, Colin Kempney, Olivia King, Shelby Law, Jada Lee, Landen Moshier, Drew Ortlieb, Mackenzie Ples, Nathan Widrick
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