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Welcome to the
Lowville Middle School
Dear Parents, Students and Community Members:

I am excited for the 2017-2018 school year to begin on Tuesday, September 5 and want to welcome back all of our returning 7th and 8th grade students and their parents and extend a special welcome to our incoming 6th grade students and their parents. 

I look forward to a very positive and productive year together.  As parents, please support your child at home and school by reinforcing our academic, behavioral, and attendance expectations, by providing a structured environment for your child to complete their homework, and by attending school functions and events throughout the year.  Your involvement plays a vital role and we value your support and participation in your child’s education. 

Please take time before the school year begins to talk with your child about the upcoming school year and to set goals for a successful school year.  Reflect with your child on past school experiences and develop a plan for future success so that you can help ensure a positive experience for your child this fall.

Developing well-rounded students is a priority at LACS.  While our focus is always on the academic achievement and growth of our students, we also recognize the importance of social and emotional development.  Please encourage your child to participate in the many extracurricular sports, clubs and activities that LACS offers.

Lastly, I want to invite our parents and community members to become involved at school by joining
our Middle School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).  Our PTO is currently welcoming new members for the 2017-2018 school year.  We plan to have a registration table at Open House on Tuesday, September 19 and the first meeting will be held in October.

In closing, I thank you for your partnership and look forward to working with you this fall to support your child’s academic and personal growth.  Please do not hesitate to call our office if you have any questions or concerns.  Best wishes for a successful 2017-2018 school year!

Scott D. Exford
Middle School Events
Principal: Mr. Scott Exford
7668 North State Street
Lowville, NY  13367
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From the Counselor’s Desk…

Each year I truly look forward to seeing students when school starts in the fall.  Their energy and enthusiasm is
contagious!  The routine of a regular school day is a perfect excuse for us - parents and educators - to help our kids
establish good work habits.  Let’s commit to starting and ending their day with a few consistent behaviors/ routines. 
NOW is the time to re-introduce the morning routines, homework habits and bedtimes.  Here are some suggestions that
can help you and your child get off to a good start.

Make a list of 3-4 things that need to be done each morning to help students be prepared for the day, then post the
list where it is visible.  Make a similar list for things that should be completed before bed.
Each evening ask to see your child’s planner.  You should look for assignments that are written with enough detail
so that it makes sense to anyone who reads it.  Students at each grade level may obtain a list of daily
assignments in each of their core teacher’s classrooms.  If there is nothing written in the planner for more than two
days, please contact me or your child’s homeroom teacher.
During the first week of school, initiate a conversation with your child and help them set goals. The goals could be
as general as organization (fewer lost or forgotten assignments) or as specific as earning above an 85% in all
classes.  Ask your child what assistance they need to help reach their goal, and encourage them to make a list of
ideas that will make reaching the goal more manageable.

It is up to us to kick start healthy habits with the goal of helping our children become more independent in maintaining
them.  The suggestions listed above should be reviewed every five weeks so that old habits don’t creep in.  With any
luck it won’t be long before our kids are taking care of these things on their own! 

Please call me at 315-376-9010 if you have any observations or concerns that you would like to discuss.

~ Mrs. Tiffany

2016-2017 Quarter 4
Academic All-Stars

High Honor Roll

Grade 6:  Delaney Bergen, Brody Brown, Collyn Bush, Jayden Cantrell, Lilian Clark, Dawson Cole, Peyton
Cole, Anna Exford, David Fayle, Samuel Gillette, Stacie Hernandez, Colin Kempney, Olivia King, Isabella
Krop, Shelby Law, Tanner Millard, Landen Moshier, Mackenzie Ples, Brandon Sauer, Taylor Stalker 

Grade 7:  Olivia Baker, Hayden Beyer, Erica Coffin, Kennedy Duncan, Christian Dunckel, Katelyn Edick, Daniel
Fayle, Elijah Flansburg, Jenna Freeman, Faith Froehlich, Hannah Gyore, Linnea Haney, Jeremie Lehmann,
Meredith Lovenduski, Morgan Nortz, Trent Nortz, Colden Pike, Kyla Reed, Sofie Reitema, Emma Rowsam,
Megan Tiffany, Samuel Van Buren, MiKayla VanNest, Kiley Zicari, Taylor Zubrzycki

Grade 8:  Kelsey Beyer, Emma Corbett, Angelica DeGuardia, Emma Dening, Erik Gronowski, Gregory
Haggerty, Isabelle Lovenduski, Aidan Macaulay, Gavin Macaulay, Tate Smith, Joseph Truax, Sydney
VanNest, Barbara Vaquero, Charlie Virkler, Anna Western, Marcus Wind, Alex Zubrzycki

Honor Roll

Grade 6:  Dylan Barber, Abigael Beagle, Michael Crouse, Alexandra Dosztan, Ireland Earl, Tucker Earl, Jonah
Flansburg, Anthony Garito, Brendan Hamburg, Levi Hartle, Nicholas Hetzner, Audrey Jones, Cole Jones,
Merric Laribee, Trevor Lawton, Jada Lee, Elora Moore, Dalton Myers, Abbigayle Nickles, Kyra Reali, Jacob
Rupert, Jonathan Stacy, Elizabeth Stoltzfus, Kaden Thompsen, Nathan Widrick

Grade 7: Olivia Brandal, Alexis Frappier, Boaz Green, Carter Green, John Gudridge, Alexander Hetzner,
Madison Houppert, Erica Jacobsen, Jonathan Lyndaker, Michael Madore, Ramsey Metzler, Michael Monks,
Dylan Moshier, Rosemarie Murphy, Nicholas Mutchler, Cole Reed, Tristin Reeder, Ethan Richardson-Morris,
Monica Rombough, Collin Rozanski, Shelby Seaway, Kassandra Shackelford, Madyson Shelton, Caden
Turck, Wyatt Wagner, Hannah Webert, Ariel Wener, Ryan Young, Kimberlee Zehr
Grade 8:  Brian Burns, Mandy Cavanagh, Cydnie Clark, Trenten Dosztan, Trinity Hills, Kadyn Miller, Mae
Muncy, Alexander Papineau, Deon Rollock, Solomon Rosner, Nicolas Sawler, Katelyn Sellick, Natalie
Thomas, Kathryn Tuttle, Madison Uhlinger, Kaitlyn Widrick, Delia Wilton, Hugo Zabielowicz, Aidan Zehr

Merit Roll

Grade 6:  Isaac Aubel, Kaylynn Barber, Lydia Boucher, Mara Brown, Natalie Brown, Breckin Callaghan,
Kelseigh Carson, Charles Clements, Noah Comet, Quinn Cummings, Raegan Decoteau, Michael Favre, Aiden
Gonzales, Mara Hellinger, Jayde Hurley, Keerie Lyndaker, Katelynn Marcum, Alexander Myers, Ryan Myers,
Colin O'Brien, Drew Ortlieb, Kadence Rivers, Grace Rowsam, Jonathan Staring, Nevaeh Whitmore
Grade 7:  Mackenzie Aguilo, Samuel Beyer, Hunter Burke, Mia Bush, Paige Bush, Hailey Drelick, Robert
Farney, Samuel Farnham, Makenna Hartley, Caleb Honey, Jeremiah Krop, Reginald McCollum, Alexander
Misener, Grace Myers, Logan Nicol, Carly Overton, Zachary Robbins, Dawson Roberts, Makenna Simmons,
Aubrie Speranza, Alexandrea Stockum, Brett Trainham, Elijah Woolschlager

Grade 8:  Tenly Bush, Leah Clintsman, Alexis Dekin, Courtney Kafline, Colt Lyndaker, Aleesha Marra,
Johnathan McGrath, Peyton Munger, Aidan Wolf

2016-2017 Quarter 4                    Perfect Attendance

Grade 6:  Isaac Aubel,  Dylan Barber,  Kaylynn Barber,  Sarah Brandal,  Mara Brown,  Charles Clements, 
Peyton Cole,  Keegan Crenshaw,  Gavin Dunn,  Anna Exford,  Samuel Gillette,  Manuel Gonzales III,  Jolene
Hall,  Ryley Hanno,  Stacie Hernandez,  Audrey Jones,  Cole Jones,  Isabella Krop,  Merric Laribee,  Shelby
Law,  Trevor Lawton,  Jada Lee,  Tanner Millard,  Elora Moore,  Dylan Moshier,  Landen Moshier,  Alexander 
Myers,  Abbigayle Nickles,  Drew Ortlieb,  Mackenzie Ples,  Kyra Reali,  Jacob Rupert,  Devon Smith, 
Jonathan Stacy,  Taylor Stalker,  Jonathan Staring,  Sage Stoltzfus,  Nathan Widrick,  Vallee Widrick

Grade 7:  Tori  Ames,  Olivia Baker,  Camille Bates,  Samuel Beyer,  Isaiah Biro,  Connor Brouty,  Paige Bush, 
Erica Coffin,  Hailey Drelick,  Kennedy Duncan,  Samuel Farnham Jr.,  Daniel Fayle,  Kali Foster,  Jenna
Freeman,  Faith Froehlich,  Boaz Green,  Carter Green,  Nelson Hall,  Linnea Haney,  Alexander Hetzner, 
Caleb Honey,  Madison Houppert,  Jeremiah Krop,  Jeremie Lehmann,  Meredith Lovenduski,  Michael
Madore,  Ramsey Metzler,  Dylan Moshier,  Nicholas Mutchler,  Grace Myers,  Trent Nortz,  Carly Overton, 
Colden   Pike,  Brett Pleskach,  Cole Reed,  Kyla Reed,  Sofie Reitema,  MaKayla Rice,  Monica Rombough, 
Collin Rozanski,  Kassandra Shackelford,  Colton Simpson,  Evan Snyder,  Megan Tiffany,  Brett Trainham, 
Caden Turck,  Samuel Van Buren,  Wyatt Wagner,  Hannah Webert,  Ariel Wener,  Kimberlee Zehr,  Kiley

Grade 8:  Isaac Allen,  Andrew Beyer,  Kelsey Beyer,  Brian Burns,  Emma Corbett,  Ty Davis,  Angelica
DeGuardia,  Alexis Dekin,  Emma Dening,  Tyler Dubach,  Riley Farnsworth,  Skyler Gibbs,  Erik Gronowski
Jr,  Trinity Hills,  Paige Hirschey,  Courtney Kafline,  Colt Lyndaker,  Aidan Macaulay,  Salamon Mathieu, 
Johnathan McGrath,  Gavin Moyer,  Peyton Munger,  Lucas Noftsier,  Alexander Papineau,  Deon Rollock, 
Tate Smith,  Natalie Thomas,  Madison Uhlinger,  Sydney VanNest,  Anna Western,  Kaitlyn Widrick,  Marcus
Wind,  Aidan Zehr,  Alex Zubrzycki

Summer MAST Camp
A Great Experience

Seven Lowville Middle School students attended the inaugural Lewis County Manufacturing Academy of Science and
Technology (MAST Camp) at the Howard G. Sackett Technical Center in July.  Taught by instructors Geoff Buckingham
and Walter Berwick, the students learned about manufacturing and finding solutions to engineering-based challenges.

Students were tasked with designing a better casing for the sensors in Mill Creek to prevent them from filling up with
rocks, sand, and other river sediment.  They presented their designs to Lewis County Director of Planning Frank Pace
on July 20.  Students also toured Otis Technology in Lyons Falls.'

Student Handbook/Calendar

The 2017-2018 Middle School Student Handbooks will be given out to all students on the first day of school this year. 
Handbooks will not be mailed home.  Parents will be asked to sign off that they have received a copy of the
handbook.  The handbook has a calendar format that will help students and parents keep track of important school
dates and events, while still providing important information on academic and behavior expectations.

MS Open House
Scheduled for
Tuesday, September 19

Parents and guardians are invited to an Open House at Lowville Middle School on Tuesday, September 19.  The
program will begin at 7:00 p.m. and conclude at approximately 8:30 p.m.  Teachers and students will be your hosts for
the evening.

Parents should report to their child’s homeroom to pick up a copy of their schedule and then stop in to visit with their
child’s teachers throughout the evening.  Each teacher that a family visits will highlight their class on your child’s
schedule.  If your child gets five (5) highlights they can place their schedule sheet in their grade level box outside of the
Middle School Office for a chance to win a $10 Gift Certificate to the Lowville Town Hall Theater.  (One per grade level
will be awarded)

Look for more information in September on this annual event.

MS Musical Tryouts in September

Tryouts for the Middle School Musical will begin the first week of school.  This year’s musical is “Willy Wonka Jr.” In the
past we have been able to work around the schedules of our student-athletes to allow them to participate in the musical
as well as interscholastic athletics.  If your child has a talent or an interest in music or the arts, please encourage
him/her to participate!

Homerooms, Schedules and
Locker Assignments

Schedules will be handed out in homeroom on Tuesday, September 5.  Locker assignments will be listed on student

6th Graders Take Spring Writing Contests by Storm

Last spring, a number of our 6th graders have entered and excelled in various writing contests, doing a stellar job of
showcasing their writing skills and creativity.

In May, the Lewis County Sheriff’s Department announced its annual Police Appreciation Essay Contest.  For this
contest, participants had to write a well-organized essay explaining the importance of honoring our local law
enforcement officials and the positive impact they have on our community.  Many students throughout the county
entered, but only four were selected as winners.  This year’s Lowville victor was our very own Noah Comet
Congratulations, Noah!

Additionally, a number of students entered the American Library of Poetry’s National Poetry Contest.  This extremely
competitive nationwide contest includes four divisions for students in grades 3-12, and receives several thousand
submissions each year.

Despite these odds, four LACS 6th graders have advanced to the second round of judging! 

Congratulations Abigael Beagle, Peyton Cole, Colin Kempney, and Isabella Krop.

Each student received an official letter notifying them that their poems were selected as winners of Round 1 in Division II
(6th-7th graders), and that they will continue on to the next stage in the contest.

Just as exciting is the fact that, as part of this accomplishment, each student will have the opportunity to have his/her
poem published in the acclaimed anthology Treasured: 2017 Student Poetry Collection.  This is a high honor, especially
given that only 20% of all competitors are offered this opportunity.

We are extremely proud of each student who submitted work.  The fact that they took such a risk speaks to the
tenacity, bravery, and heart of each participant.  It is extremely rewarding to see the fruits of our students’ labors, and to
know that their perseverance and hard work truly pay off.  Great job to all of you!  Special thanks go to 6th grade ELA
teachers Mary Blow and Renee Krusper for all of their support and encouragement!

Middle School Supply Lists

All Middle School students will need:

A supply of loose-leaf paper
3 ring pencil pouch
1 set of highlighters
3 hole punched folder for homework
Pencils, pens with blue or black ink only
Book covers (paper bags work great!)
Suggested:  Homework binder (1.5”) to hold planner, homework folder, paper, pencil pouch, and planner
Clothing appropriate for PE class; shorts/running pants, t-shirt, athletic sneakers, a towel and bathing suit (girls
should have a one piece or must wear a t-shirt over the two-piece suit)

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Sign up to receive important updates and information from Lowville Middle School.

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