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The NYS Assessments in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics will be taken by our students in April and May.  These exams will assess the degree to which your child is meeting proficiency in New York State in relation to the Common Core Learning Standards outlined by the NYS Education Department.  Please reinforce the importance of these exams with your child.  The results of this year’s exams will be reported to us over the summer.  Individual student reports will be used to make determinations for next year’s academic intervention services (AIS) placements as well as eligibility for accelerated and advanced placement courses.  

In addition to the classroom instruction your child receives each day, please encourage your child to take advantage of the AIS opportunities and review classes that we will continue to provide throughout the spring semester to help prepare students for these exams.  A letter along with a permission slip was sent to parents detailing the after school review schedule for ELA and Math.

Many students have already been busy preparing through their lunch periods, study halls, AIS classes, and at our after school program.  Please contact the Middle School Office at 315-376-9010 should you have questions or need additional information on any of our programs.  We hope that all of our students put themselves in the best possible position to be successful on these assessments.

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From the Counselor’s Desk…
~Mrs. Rebecca Tiffany, Middle School Counselor

Spring is a balancing act of enjoying the fresh air as well as putting in place preparation for the fall.  Whew!  At this point all 8th grade students and parents have met with the counselors to plan their courses for the 2018-2019 school year.  If you have any further questions, please call the guidance office at 376-9010.  To help transition the students to and from the middle school there will be a 6th and 9th grade orientation in late August.  Please look for more information this summer regarding these events.
In the coming months, I will be taking a few of the current 6th grade students with me to talk with 5th grade students.  The 5th grade students really benefit from hearing the 6th grade students’ perspective on what it is like to start middle school.  At the very end of the year there will be time for 5th grade students to come over to the 6th grade wing and meet their future teachers.
Parents - are you helping or enabling?
By definition, helping is when you do something for someone who cannot do it for themselves and enabling is when you do something for someone who can do it for themselves.  When our children are young we eagerly help them.  Snacks and meals are made when they are hungry, we are by their side to help with homework, and make every effort to see that their clothes are neat, clean and easily located.  We feel proud when our children arrive at their destinations dressed, fed, and with all of their necessary supplies…. and in return we typically receive love and appreciation from them.  It’s a win-win.
Fast forward 5 years, when they are wanting to be more independent and to have more responsibility and freedom.  If we, as parents, don’t recognize this as a normal developmental stage, and continue to do for them, we enter the muddy waters of enabling.  It can be a difficult cycle to break and certainly isn’t rewarded with love and appreciation.  Your child may not want to make their own snack, or seek out a teacher for help, or get their own supplies packed for the day.  It is likely that they will not do things well at first - unhealthy snacks, late assignments and forgotten items are probable.  These missteps have consequences and it is not easy to watch our children face consequences, especially if we could have prevented them.  However, it is consequences that teach responsibility and responsibility is what leads to pride and ultimately to confidence.  Confidence that they can stand on their own.
I challenge you, as I do myself, to not do things for your children that they are capable of doing themselves.  Start small…have them help prepare meals or snacks so they know how it’s done.  Give them a verbal reminder and a printed list of items they need for the next day with it being their responsibility to pack them.  Resist the urge to bring forgotten items to school or to do an extra load of laundry when something is needed at the last minute.  The initial response may not be pleasant, but allowing your child to grow, and to be responsible and independent, will be worth every grumble.

Middle School Spelling Bee Held

The Annual Lowville Spelldown for students in grades 6 - 8 was held on Thursday, February 8.  This popular event was hosted by Mrs. Courtney McCreadie, Spelling Bee advisor.  The Spelling Bee is sponsored by the Middle School Student Council.  The top four spellers at this year’s Bee were Anna Exford, Nelson Hall, Olivia King and Nick Hetzner.

This year’s top speller was Anna Exford.  She will represent Lowville Middle School for the second straight year at the Regional Scripps-Howard Spelling Bee for all schools in Jefferson and Lewis Counties on Thursday, March 15 at General Brown High School.  She will have a chance to win an opportunity to advance to the national competition in Washington D.C. to be held later this spring.  In addition, the top spellers in our local Spelldown are now eligible to participate in the Lewis County Spelling Bee held annually at the Lewis County Fair.

2nd Quarter Honor Roll
Students Announced

Congratulations to the following Lowville Middle School students on receiving High Honor, Honor and Merit Roll status for the second quarter marking period:
High Honor Roll
Grade 6Katelynn Baker, Dominick DeGuardia, Anna Dening, Haydn Draper, Paige Feisthamel, Macy Fowler, Carli Freeman, Elijah Hall, Emilie Lehmann, Connor McCormick, Haylee Munger, Jerika Myers, Avery Pate, Sarah Peebles, Jack Rowsam, Brooke Widrick.
Grade 7Brody Brown, Collyn Bush, Jayden Cantrell, Peyton Cole, Michael Crouse, Alexandra Dosztan, Alex Dunckel, Ireland Earl, Tucker Earl, Anna Exford, David Fayle, Anthony Garito, Samuel Gillette, Nicholas Hetzner, Colin Kempney, Olivia King, Isabella Krop, Jada Lee, LeAnne Lisciandro-Boutelle, Tanner Millard, Landen Moshier, Dalton Myers, Mackenzie Ples, Taylor Stalker.
Grade 8Olivia Baker, Hayden Beyer, Eliana Bonbrest, Annie Cayer, Kennedy Duncan, Daniel Fayle, Jenna Freeman, Faith Froehlich, Linnea Haney, Madison Houppert, Jeremie Lehmann, Meredith Lovenduski, Morgan Nortz, Trent Nortz, Colden Pike, Kyla Reed, Sofie Reitema, Emma Rowsam, Megan Tiffany, Caden Turck, Kiley Zicari.
Honor Roll
Grade 6Kendyl Allen, Stephanie Beyer, Alexa Brouty, Denali Dietrich, Brynn Ehlers, Justin Feisthamel, Samantha Freeman, Cody Haggerty, Andrew Hulbert, Phoebe Hutchins, Ryder Jantzi, Sean Kelly, Rachael Lisciandro, Ayden Meleshchuk, Alyvia Millard, Caden Miller, Mikayla Nicol, Taylor Nortz, Malachi Olmstead, Mackenzie Paasch, Kally Runner, Collin Schrag, Taci Smith, Luke Snyder, Tracy Snyder, Brook Ward.
Grade 7Abigael Beagle, Delaney Bergen, Lilian Clark, Dawson Cole, Quinn Cummings, Mena Ehlers, Michael Favre, Jonah Flansburg, Cole Jones, Merrick Laribee, Shelby Law, Trevor Lawton, Keerie Lyndaker, Ryan Myers, Abbigayle Nickles, Caladyn Olmstead, Drew Ortlieb, Jacob Rupert, Brandon Sauer, Jonathan Stacy, Kaden Thompsen, Nathan Widrick, Geran Zehr.
Grade 8Olivia Brandal, Paige Bush, Christian Dunckel, Katelyn Edick, Elijah Flansburg, Carter Green, Hannah Gyore, Alexander Hetzner, Jonathan Lyndaker, Michael Madore, Ramsey Metzler, Dylan Moshier, Rosemarie Murphy, Logan Nicol, Cole Reed, Shelby Seaway, Madyson Shelton, Samuel Van Buren, MiKayla VanNest, Ariel Wener, Kimberlee Zehr.
Merit Roll
Grade 6Austin Bender, Luke Brower, Kylee Burke, Aiiden Cisco, Alex Farney, Kaylee Gentry, George Gerow, Kaylee Kloster, Lane Lovenduski, Espen Matuszczak, Danika Moshier, Hannah Moshier, Taylor Newton, Keegan O’Brien, Braxton Peters, Garrett Phelps, Allison Rozanski, Keira Stockum, Breann Sullivan, Benjamin Webert, Alexzander Widrick, Rubi Zabielowicz.
Grade 7Dylan Barber, Kaylynn Barber, Lydia Boucher, Charles Clements, Noah Comet, Daniel Costella, Raegan Decoteau, Audrey Jones, Katelynn Marcum, Rebecca Marra, Elora Moore, Kyra Reali, Grace Rowsam, Tayden Simpson, Jonathan Staring, Dameion Terry, Nevaeh Whitmore, Vallee Widrick.
Grade 8Mia Bush, Robert Farney, Samuel Farnham, Alexis Frappier, Boaz Green, Erica Jacobsen, Jeremiah Krop, Nicholas Mutchler, Grace Myers, Janelle Pierce, Tristin Reeder, Zachary Robbins, Dawson Roberts, Monica Rombough, Aubrie Speranza, Wyatt Wagner, Elijah Woolschlager, Ryan Young.
Students Maintain Perfect Attendance through 2nd Quarter
The following students attained perfect attendance for The following students maintained perfect attendance through the second quarter marking period in the Middle School:

Grade 6Kendyl Allen, Katelynn Baker, Stephanie Beyer, Alexa Brouty, Anna Dening, Alex Farney, Macy Fowler, Samantha Freeman, Andrew Hulbert, Espen Matuszczak, Ayden Meleshchuk, Danika Moshier, Hannah Moshier, Hunter Murphy, Taylor Nortz, Keegan O’Brien, Malachi Olmstead, Sarah Peebles, Dylan Perkins, Melody Roggie, Keira Stockum, Breann Sullivan, Brook Ward, Benjamin Webert, Brooke Widrick.

Grade 7
Dylan Barber, Kaylynn Barber, Landen Brouty, Brody Brown, Dawson Cole, Keegan Crenshaw, Quinn Cummings, Anna Exford, Kaylee Fahey, Anthony Garito, Manuel Gonzales, Jolene Hall, Nicholas Hetzner, Audrey Jones, Olivia King, Isabella Krop, Ryan Larkins, Trevor Lawton, Richard Mathieu, Andre Meleshchuk, Tanner Millard, Elora Moore, Landen Moshier, Abbigayle Nickles, Drew Ortlieb, Kadence Rivers, Natalie Roberts, Brandon Sauer, Taylor Stalker, Sage Stoltzfus, Josiah Weaver, Vallee Widrick, Geran Zehr.

Grade 8Olivia Baker, Hayden Beyer, Eliana Bonbrest, Olivia Brandal, Hunter Burke, Mia Bush, Paige Bush, Kennedy Duncan, Elijah Engelhart, Samuel Farnham, Jenna Freeman, Faith Froehlich, Carter Green, Linnea Haney, Parker Henry, Alexander Hetzner, Madison Houppert, Jeremiah Krop, Meredith Lovenduski, Michael Madore, Reginald McCollum, Michael Monks, Morgan Nortz, Trent Nortz, Cole Reed, Kyla Reed, Sofie Reitema, Dawson Roberts, Monica Rombough, Kassandra Shackelford, Makenna Simmons, Alexandrea Stockum, Megan Tiffany, Brett Trainham, Caden Turck, Hannah Webert, Kimberlee Zehr.

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