AP Exam Information

2020 AP Testing Schedule

Monday, May 4AP US Government
AP Art
Periods 1 - 5
Periods 5 - 9
Monday, May 11AP BiologyPeriods 1 - 5
Tuesday, May 5AP CalculusPeriods 1 - 5Wednesday, May 13AP English LanguagePeriods 1 - 5
Wednesday, May 6AP English Literature
AP European History
Periods 1 - 5
Periods 5 - 9
Thursday, May 7AP Chemistry
AP Physics I
Periods 1 - 5
Periods 5 - 9
Friday, May 8AP United States Hist.Periods 1 - 5---

Students are asked to pay for their share of the examination cost in the Guidance Office by Wednesday, April 22nd. The cost for each exam is $85. The district will cover half of the AP Test fee for all students approved to take the test, leaving the student responsible to pay $42.50 for each exam.

Lowville Academy currently offers ten AP Courses. AP (Advanced Placement) courses allow students to pursue college-level studies while in high school. The courses typically replace the similar Regents level class; however, more work is assigned. The classes are taught by Lowville Teachers certified in the subject area. Students enrolled in an AP class are expected to sit for the National AP Exams offered in May at Lowville Academy as well as the NYS Regents Exam as needed. The exams are scored on a scale of 1-5. Students who score well may earn college credit for the class. Each college is different as to whether or not they accept AP credit and the minimal score they accept.

  • English Language and Composition
  • English Literature and Composition
  • Calculus AB
  • Physics I
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • European History
  • US History
  • US Government and Politics
  • Studio Art

AP English Language and Composition (11th grade) Mrs. McHugh

Typical Entrance Criteria: Typically, students must do well in English 9 and 10, score well on the PLAN Test in 10th grade and have strong teacher recommendations. More details on accelerating in English is available in the Guidance Office. Students enrolled in AP English Language are expected to continue to AP Literature.

AP English Literature and Composition (12th grade) Mrs. McLaughlin

Typical Entrance Criteria: AP English Lit has an open admission policy for students with a strong interest in the subject area.

AP Calculus AB (12th grade) Mr. Capone

Typical Entrance Criteria: Most students are nominated for math acceleration at the end of 6th grade. These students skip 7th grade math. Additionally, at the recommendation of Math 11 teacher, AP Calculus Teacher, Department Chair, Principal and Guidance Counselor, a strong student may skip Introduction to Calculus to enroll in AP Calculus in their senior year.

AP Physics 1 (11th or 12th grade) Mrs. Myers

AP Physics is open to all accelerated science students in 11th grade and 12th grade students demonstrating strong interests and aptitude in science.

AP Biology (11th or 12th grade) Mrs. Mooney

Typical Entrance Criteria: Students are nominated to accelerate in science at the conclusion of 9th grade science based on a strong course average, and high regents exam score, plus a strong teacher recommendation. More details on accelerating in science is available in the Guidance Office.

AP Chemistry (11th or 12th grade) Mr. Marks

AP Chemistry is a college level chemistry class. The class will build upon knowledge obtained in regents chemistry and go into much greater depth and detail. It will be much more mathematical than regents chemistry, with great focus on mole calculations.

AP European History (10th grade) Mr. Griffiths

Typical Entrance Criteria: Students are nominated at the end of the 8th grade to enroll in a compressed 9th and 10th grade Global Studies program completed in one year (9th grade). Students take the NYS Regents Exam at the end of 9th grade. These students then move on to take AP European History in 10th grade. Seniors may also enroll in AP European History as an elective with the permission of the instructor.

AP United States History (11th grade) Mr. Komondor

Typical Entrance Criteria: Students are nominated at the conclusion of 10th grade based on a strong global studies final course average, strong score on Global Studies 10 Regents Exam and recommendation from Global 10 teacher. More details on accelerating in US History is available in the Guidance Office. In addition, students who complete Regents Level US History in 11th grade may take AP US History as an elective during their senior year with permission from the instructor.

AP Government & Politics (12th grade) Mr. Fayle

Typical Entrance Criteria: AP Government has an open admission policy for students with a strong interest in the subject area.

AP Studio Art (12th grade) Mr. Zehr

Typical Entrance Criteria:3 years of Studio/Advanced Art and recommendation from art instructor.Other AP Art Courses are offered simultaneously with the permission of the instructor.

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers:

What are the benefits of taking AP courses?

Ø Possibly earn college credit

Ø Demonstrate to college admissions (especially selective schools) a rigorous high school course of study

Ø Preparation for college level work

Ø Extra consideration given for scholarships

What happens if a student doesn’t earn college credit? They are still at an advantage for college admission and preparation. Often, students can skip college required courses and take other electives.

If I am enrolled in an AP course, do I have to take the exam? Lowville requires all students who are enrolled in AP classes to take the exam. Exemptions are at the discretion of the high school principal.

Is there a cost to take the AP exam? There is a cost to take the exam. The Lowville School district pays for half of the exam. In addition, students who qualify are granted fee waivers. Contact the Guidance Office for the current cost of exams.

What concessions are made for students who take AP courses? Because AP courses typically have a heavier workload, students are allowed to carry 5 academic credits rather than the normal 5 ½ credits minimum per year.

Do AP Students receive weighted grades? No, but AP students in most classes receive grade premiums:It is district policy to allow individual AP teachers the flexibility to consider AP level work in their grading of students in the class in each quarter. This is a recommendation of the College Board as well.

Can a student drop an AP Course? Generally speaking, a student will follow the same procedure for dropping an AP course as outlined in the student handbook. However, students who are in AP level or accelerated courses are strongly recommended to continue in this path past initial moments of frustration. By developing that work ethic now, prospective high school students heading to college can help ensure their smooth transition to the demands at the next level.

Can a student take an AP course independently? Currently, all staff are teaching full time and the availability of staff precludes taking course work independently.

Are there any other college level courses available at LACS? Yes, college curriculum/credit are available in conjunction with both Jefferson Community and Morrisville Colleges in the business and agriculture curriculum respectively. Also, distance learning college courses from Jefferson Community College are available in the fall and spring.