The following is a link to the Elementary Family COVID-19 Handbook.  I hope you find this information helpful!    Click here to link to the handbook

From the Principal ...

Dear Parents, Students, and Community Members:

Lowville Elementary school is so happy to be part of this wonderful community. It has been one calendar year that we have been working through this pandemic. While it hasn’t been easy, it has caused me to reflect on how well our community supports our children, whether it is at home or school.

When students went home last spring, to never return to in-person instruction for the 2019-2020 school year, it was unprecedented. But the families and staff, worked together to make learning happen and celebrate the end of the school year. We all learned more over a weekend about logging on and connecting than anyone thought possible. We made it through a school shut down during the busiest time of year, the spring! But we did it.

When reopening this fall, we knew the landscape of education had changed. But, once again, with fantastic parent and community support, we did it! We have been wearing masks, distancing, and practicing good hand hygiene and we have been able to open, with a few interruptions due to sickness, quarantine, or occasional need for virtual learning. While none of this is ideal, we are doing it. It warms my heart to see children working so hard to follow the reopening protocol. While this has changed their lives, they are taking it in stride. We can all learn and take the new things we have learned from this and move forward differently.

It has been a challenge…whether families have faced illness or the challenges of sometimes learning from home, as well as every curveball thrown at us absent a pandemic. But again, the support we have felt from parents and the community will never be forgotten. Our students, your children, remind us every day what is important…people.

We sincerely thank all of the people that are partnering with us this year as we educate our youngest learners during this pandemic. We know our students are making memories daily. We thank the community for helping us make as many positive memories for our children as possible. We also thank everyone for helping us to keep safe. 


Philomena B. Goss, Elementary Principal

Pre-kindergarten program 2021-2022

We are pleased to continue to offer a Pre-Kindergarten program for all children in the district for the 2021-2022 school year. It is a wonderful opportunity for children and we are delighted with the program and all that it provides for our young students. Information about the Pre-K program follows.

Eligibility: Students who will turn 4 on or before December 1, 2021 are eligible to attend our Universal Pre-K program. Students who are five years of age on December 1, 2021 are eligible for Kindergarten.

Children who are three years old and will turn four by December 1, 2021 may attend the program but are not eligible for district bus transportation until they turn four years old. New York State law requires car seats and bus aides for children under the age of 4.

The Pre-K program follows the school calendar with classes being held Monday – Friday.

Morning program 8:30 – 11:00 2 sections

Afternoon program 12:30 – 3:00 2 sections

Morning or afternoon placement decisions may need to be made based on bus routes. All children are eligible for busing to/from Pre-Kindergarten upon turning 4 years old.

Each classroom will be staffed by a NYS-certified teacher and a NYS-certified teaching assistant. The program is provided at no charge to all district residents. Out-of-district students will be accepted on a space-available basis at the district’s tuition rate. The district plans to have four sections of UPK available. Each classroom will accommodate 18 students, for a total of 72 students.

REGISTRATION: Beginning in February, registration for the Lowville UPK program will be ongoing by calling the elementary office for a registration packet at 315-376-9005. Please, no emails. Packets will be mailed home in mid-April.  

entering kindergarten fall 2021 information

If you have a child who will be 5 years old on or by December 1, 2021 that could attend Kindergarten in September 2021, please call the elementary office at 315-376-9005.  We would like to know your child's name, age, and mailing address.  We are preparing registration packets and want to be sure we have the necessary information to mail a packet to you.  Packets will be sent out in April.  Students who are currently enrolled in the district Pre-K program need not re-enroll.

If you know of someone in our school district who does not receive the newsletter, please pass this information along.  Thank you for your help.

Spring parent teacher conference schedule
Gr. K All Day- Thursday, March 25
Gr. K Students Do not attend school
in-person, Virtual learning scheduled
Gr. 1 All Day- Thursday, March 25
Gr. 1 Students Do not attend school
in-person, Virtual learning scheduled
Gr. 2 Afternoon of Thursday, March 25
 Gr. 2 Students dismiss at noon
Gr. 3 Afternoon of Thursday, March 25
 Gr. 3 Students dismiss at noon
Gr. 4 Afternoon of Thursday, March 25
 Gr. 4 Students dismiss at noon
Gr. 5 All Day- Wednesday, March 24 Conferences scheduled on Virtual learning day.

Thursday-Friday students will be in attendance all day on Thursday, March 25.

upcoming events

March 24     Gr. 5 Parent Teacher Conferences

March 25     Gr. K - 4 Parent Teacher Conferences

April 2 - April 12   Spring Break

Student placement process into next year's class

We will be placing students using student data and teacher recommendations for the 2021-2022 school year. We will also be following any Department of Health guidelines. We are unsure of class size limitations. Please understand you can submit a request using this process, but if we must open with restrictions, these requests won’t be able to be met. Thank you for understanding. No requests for any reason will be accepted after Friday, May 7.

The guiding principle of the placement process is to match the instructional and personal needs of each student with an appropriate instructional group and a supportive teaching style, while also providing each teacher with a well-balanced class to maximize instructional effectiveness.

The placement of students in each classroom is undertaken with great planning and care, involving the classroom teachers and other faculty along with administration.

Lowville Elementary will allow parents who have unique and special academic concerns to follow the guidelines below and submit a teacher request for the 2021-22 school year:

1.Submit the letter to Mrs. Goss, Elementary Principal by Friday, May 7, 2021. All letters must be written and signed by the parent(s) and delivered, either by hand or US mail to the elementary office. Please do not send the requests to classroom teachers and please do not send requests via email.

2.Include the child’s name and current teacher.

3.Include the name of two teachers to be considered for your child’s placement.

4.Include specific educational reasons for your request.

No placement requests will be accepted without two teacher names and the educational reasons for the request.

The school will take parent requests for student placement into consideration; however, this will be done after all programmatic factors are considered and prioritized. Our practice is to not move students from one classroom to another after the start of the school year. For your awareness, teacher assignments may change from year to year or over the summer. Requested teachers may not be available at the grade level they are currently teaching for next year.

All parent requests received between Monday, April 26, 2021 and Friday, May 7, 2021 will be considered. Late requests, verbal requests, and emails will not be considered. All requests may not be able to be granted. Final placement will be based on a variety of factors. Thank you for the support you give your child and for understanding our process.