Middle School

From The Principal ... 

Dear Parents, Students and Community Members:

Thank you parents for supporting our efforts and partnering with us in your child’s education during this particularly challenging school year. It takes a team effort to help students find success in middle school and your support and cooperation has been appreciated.

As we head toward the end of the 2020-2021 school year, here are a few items of interest to finish out the year:

The Middle School Summer School Program will begin Tuesday, July 6. Students completing grades 5 & 6 attend during Block 1 (Tuesday, July 6 - Friday, July 23). Students completing grades 7 & 8 attend during Block 2 (Monday, July 26 - Friday, August 13). Our program will be held in person each morning over a 3-week span.

We are offering courses in each of the core areas for students who have not been able to meet academic expectations during the regular school year. These courses will not only focus on remediating the skills that students need, but will also focus on preparing students for next year’s curriculum.

Please keep in mind that any student who fails a course is strongly encouraged to attend summer school and students that fail more than one course are required to attend summer school.

Please contact the middle school office if you have any questions or concerns regarding our Summer School Program.

Grade 8 Moving Up Ceremony Update - we will be hosting two separate ceremonies this year, one for our Raider students and one for our Nation students. Unfortunately, we will not be able to invite parents to attend those ceremonies live, but we will livestream them for families. The ceremonies will be held on Friday, June 18 for Nation Students and Monday, June 21 for Raider students.

I hope that you have a wonderful summer and get the opportunity to enjoy some quality family time over the summer months. I look forward to working with you again as we begin the 2021-2022 school year in September!


Scott Exford, Middle School Principal

From the Counselor’s Desk

This year we have been careful to not plan too far ahead as the COVID-19 safety guidelines and circumstances change so frequently. Despite the obstacle course-like school year, June has arrived! We (parents, guardians, students, teachers and administrators) are now stronger because of the experience.

In education we use the question, “What are your takeaways?” as a classroom lesson comes to an end or we leave a workshop. This is a way of summarizing what we feel was the most important content learned/reviewed.

My takeaway from this year….

1 - Flexibility is a very important life skill! The word flexibility technically means the ability to bend without breaking. However, it is also used to describe the “ability to adjust to changes in your life without creating stress or drama. Being flexible in life means that you can change your plans and adapt to new situations.”

2 - Students learn best, and teachers teach best, when they are in person. Don’t get me wrong, many students were able to navigate the virtual classrooms very well - excelling even. It is the personal relationships and connections that we desperately miss. Having rapport with the teacher and/or classmates is what motivates many to attend and succeed in school.

3 - Patience is a choice. This year required us all to grant each other more patience than ever before...and for us all to be patient with the blessing and curse that is technology! Students waited in line before entering a room, they waited for the teacher to troubleshoot technology, and they sat for 80 minute classes. Parents and guardians called with questions and were patient as we looked for answers. Teachers often didn’t know which students would be present each day and would patiently gather the work missed to distribute later. Each of these people chose patience.

It is my sincere hope that we return to in person learning in the fall, practice flexibility as we adapt yet again, and above all else continue to grant ourselves, and each other, patience. I encourage you to talk with your students and family about the school experience this year. What are your takeaways?

~ Mrs. Tiffany, Middle School Counselor