LACS 2020 Summer School 

Makeup Time Link: 


Please only sign on to the link during your scheduled time. Mr. Hanselman or his designee must be present for your time to count. If you owe any schoolwork, your teacher will provide that for you to complete during this time. If you complete all your work, you must remain on the link until the time is over. Bring a book to read in case you finish all your work. You must have your camera on (visual effects tutorial below) and your mic off. Mr. Hanselman or his designee will let you know when you can sign off. As a reminder, below are the summer school remote learning rules and expectations. 

Visual Effects Tutorial: 


Remote Learning General Rules:

1. Be on time to your class.

2. Report technology issues immediately (ex: loss of internet connection, microphone not working, camera not working, etc.), call the school immediately.

3. Turn off all other devices during the school day, including the television.

4. Put away all distractions during the school day, including your cell phone.

5. Participate in a secure location without people or distractions in the background.

6. Participate without noise in the background.

7. Participate with your Chromebook, not your cell phone (unless given permission).

8. Participate with your camera on (unless given permission).

9. If you choose to use visual effects with your camera, you may use either background blur or green screen (picture must be approved and school appropriate).

10. Stay attentive and sit upright.

11. No posting to social media during the school day.

12. No texting or phone calls during the school day (unless given permission).

13. Positive comments only.

14. Dress appropriately by following the dress code.

15. Ask for permission to leave your learning station (ex: restroom break, water break, etc.).