Letter from the Transportation Supervisor

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We are pleased to be transporting your child to and from school this year. We are very proud of the safety record of our school buses and the professionalism of our transportation team.

LACS school buses travel over 287,400 miles every year and we transport approximately 1,000 students each day. Our commitment to safety is second to none. Our buses are inspected by a DOT inspector biannually. Our transportation staff is a highly trained group of professionals that includes 14 regular route drivers, 3 special needs drivers with 3 attendants, 2 mechanics, and 6 sub drivers and 4 sub attendants.

Due to this year’s hybrid schedule, your child’s pick-up and drop-off time may vary; please be patient. Students will be limited to 1 drop-off and pick-up location to ensure the most effective execution of the reduced load bus routes as well as to limit students and staff to exposure to multiple households.

New School Bus Mandatory Requirements

  • Bus drivers and monitors will be required to wear a mask or face shield at all times. Monitors who come into physical contact with students will be required to wear gloves in addition to the mask/shield.
  • Students will be required to wear a mask or face shield at all times while on the bus. They will also be required to sit in a designated seat to give as much social distancing as possible from other students. Masks will be available from the driver for students who may have forgotten them.
  • Absolutely no eating or drinking will be allowed on the bus. The action of eating or drinking would require a mask to be removed or lowered. Masks or face shields must stay in place for the duration of the bus run.
  • Students must remain in the socially distanced predetermined designated seat throughout the bus run until the driver releases them. This includes loading and unloading at school. Students from outside their own household must NOT make physical contact or infringe on the predetermined spacing of another student.
  • Seating will be designed for one child per seat alternating from window to aisle down each side of the bus, providing the maximum distance between students possible. Siblings or students from a shared household (daycare providers) will be seated together per recommendations.
  • Buses will load from back to front while picking students up and while loading at school. When being dismissed, upon arrival at school, they will unload front to back following the driver’s instruction. The driver will ensure proper social distancing protocols are followed. While dropping students off, a front to back unload will not be possible. Students will be instructed to slide over next to the window as students depart down the aisle to ensure as much distance as possible to passing students.
  • Windows will be left cracked open in weather above 45 degrees while transporting students.
  • Drivers will clean and disinfect high traffic areas (such as stepwell handrail) in between runs as needed. Disinfectant supplies will be provided at needed locations to perform this procedure.
  • Buses returning to the Transportation Department at the conclusion of its last run will undergo a complete cleaning. In addition to normal DOT (Department of Transportation) cleaning requirements, each bus will be sanitized with an electrostatic disinfectant sprayer to ensure complete coverage. Th will be left on surfaces to air dry overnight per recommendations to ensure the best success for germ and virus control.

Please help us ensure your child’s safety by following these simple but important procedures:

  • Provide your child with a backpack or book bag. Loose papers or other items are dangerous as children get off the bus.
  • Check your child’s clothing for the presence of long drawstrings or other dangling items which should be removed from clothing as they could get snagged in the bus door as the child gets off the bus.
  • Be sure your child arrives at the designated bus stop five minutes early each day. Children who are late for the bus may panic and chase it, or run into the road.
  • Insist that your child wait for the bus safely in an orderly fashion, back from the roadway. Behavior problems at the bus stop can create hazardous conditions for children.
  • When the bus arrives, your child should wait for the bus driver’s signal before boarding. Children should board in single file.
  • Teach your child to sit quietly on the ride to and from school. Behavior problems distract the bus driver and could result in an accident.

It is important that our drivers are able to concentrate on driving the route safely. If anything makes your child feel unsafe at the bus stop or on the bus ride, please contact us at the transportation department, rather than trying to discuss it at the bus stop.

To be eligible for transportation, the Board of Education Eligibility Policy requires you live the following distances from school:

Grades K-3 more than ½ mile

Grades 4-6 more than ¾ mile

Grades 7-12 more than 1 mile

If you are eligible for transportation and are not presently assigned a route, please fill out a transportation request form which you may pick up and drop off at any of the school offices. Every student/family signed up for transportation should receive a postcard identifying their bus route, driver, morning pick up and afternoon drop off time. We try to adjust pickup and drop off times as close as possible but please allow a 10 minute window for pick up and drop off times. Please call 315-376-7212 if you have not received this information or have any questions regarding transportation.

We are deeply committed to the safety of your child as well as all of our community’s children.

Thank you!

Amy L. Green, Transportation Supervisor

(315) 376-7212