Welcome Back to School Lowville Middle School Students!

On behalf of Lowville Middle School, I am thrilled to welcome students back to school this week.  Please remember that the district will be staggering the start of the school year by building.  Our middle school students will not begin in person until Thursday, September 10th, but our virtual instruction will still begin on Tuesday, September 8th.  

The Middle School will have virtual/online grade level orientation meetings on Tuesday, September 8th and Wednesday, September 9th.  Students will be sent an electronic invite to these meetings through their Grade Level Google Classrooms (titled: class of 2025, 2026 or 2027).  Please ask your child to check their Lowville Academy Gmail and to accept the invitation to the Google classroom.  

**Note that the “Raider” (Monday/Tuesday Group) will meet virtually from 9:00-10:00 both days (Tuesday and Wednesday, September 8th and 9th), and the “Nation” (Thursday/Friday Group) will meet virtually from 11:00-12:00 both of those days.  Have your child check into the Google Meet early each day to ensure they are able to access it.

If your child has trouble connecting to the virtual orientation on Tuesday and Wednesday, please contact the MS Office so that we can help troubleshoot the situation.  We plan to post the slideshows from the grade level orientations on the Lowville Academy website so that parents and students can refer back to them.

*On Thursday, September 10th and Friday, September 11th, students in the (Nation) group will start in person classes and students in the (Raider) group will start regular virtual classes.

On the days that students are not in school, students will follow the virtual schedules that were mailed to you last week.  Please keep in mind that attendance for virtual classes is mandatory and all absences from attending whether virtually or in person will need a legal excuse approved through the NYS Education Department.


We look forward to the 2020-2021 school year and can’t wait to welcome students back this week!  Have a wonderful holiday weekend and best of luck this school year!